Self Employment Will Grow In 2021 According to @Freshbooks Study

FreshBooks, released results from its third annual study, “Self-Employment in America Report 2019.” The report reveals that 24 million Americans want to leave traditional employment to become their own boss by 2021, but face barriers to making the leap. The full report is available here.

FreshBooks partnered with leading market research provider Dynata to collect data from more than 3,700 Americans who work full time—either as traditional employees, independent professionals or small business owners.

“Tens of millions of Americans have told us that their ‘dream job’ is to work for themselves,” said Mike McDerment, Co-founder and CEO at FreshBooks. “But this is a scary proposition for most because the world is in many ways not ready for them. The good news is that the payoffs—both financial and otherwise—are real. It’s a big part of our job, for those just starting out and those who’ve been at it a while, to help entrepreneurs realize their full potential.”

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