Real Estate - 7 Tools Every Real Estate Professional Should Consider Using

While technology won’t be replacing real estate agents anytime soon (or ever), agents are utilizing these advancements to get ahead of the race. And why not? These jewels are making their lives easier by the day.

You may have upgraded to Zillow, Trulia or Placester to make the listings easier. However, other aspects of your real estate business should also be up-to-date to boost productivity and enhance marketing strategies. For those who haven’t updated their systems, here are this year’s top choices of real estate agents. Interested? Then read on!

Productivity is Key

With loads of paperwork to accomplish, clients to follow-up, team members to trace or connections to contact, a real estate agent’s work is almost never-ending. Thus, productivity and efficient use of time are crucial to a hardworking agent. However, with tons of task on one hand and another handful on the other, these wonder-workers need some help.

There’s a plethora of apps and software available on the Internet. Let’s face it, we don’t have time to undergo every single free trial because there are a lot. It’s best to check out article reviews and watch video tutorials on how to use these marvels.


Contactually is a customer relationship management tool that allows leaders, managers or supervisors to oversee and manage communication among their members, partners, clients, contractors and suppliers.

The basic plan allows the user to make use of their simpler functions. As for big groups and for enterprising, features like the following are available:

  • custom integrations
  • audit logging
  • API integration
  • quarterly business
  • and usage reviews

Upgrades depend on the need of your company or team. And just like any app, availing additional functions come with a price.


This app is your aid to organize and manage your tasks – from the projects you’re working on to the smallest detail. This tool helps you stay on track of your must-dos and progress on each task.

Start off by typing down everything that needs to be done. Afterwards, drag and drop them to specific folders. You can arrange your list like the conventional TTD list or use the sequential or parallel approach. The sequential approach won’t allow you to proceed to the second task without finishing the first. The parallel is more of a freestyle manner, as you can work on any task you wish. Plus, you have Siri to remind you. Cool!


This messaging app makes communication easier for any team. Unlike Contactually, Slack has limited features, as this is solely for instant-messaging and file-sharing purposes. Transparency is also upheld because everyone in your channel can see and respond to messages.

Slack is the answer to promoting collaboration among remote employees. This can also be used on mobile, so you can take the conversation along with you everywhere you may be. Real estate agents can definitely benefit from this, as they’re often out there and on the go.

Dotloop and DocuSign

What do you do when you need your client’s signature yet you’re currently miles away? Why wait for your next meeting when technology has provided a way?

Dotloop and DocuSign have reshaped transactions, especially on real estate. Electronic signatures are becoming a thing in this generation of home-buyers and sellers. This allows clients to save plenty of their time going to the appointment venue to sign a few documents.

If security issues make you wary, then you might opt to ditch e-signatures. Nevertheless, the developers have safeguard features to ensure that the signatures are legit to avoid future implications. In addition, these have helped so many people save precious time. As long as the clients are comfortable with electronic signatures, then by all means, make your life easier.


Sending updates to your pipeline? Give your marketing campaign a more personal twist using BomBomb. This is the new take on email marketing – more personal, more creative and captivating, standing out from the rest.

One may deem this is not productive at all. Think about it, you have to take videos and make necessary edits. But on the other hand, you don’t send marketing emails every single day. So if you’re after what can generate more leads, stand out from the rest!

Similar to the case of blogging and vlogging, it’s still best to make your campaign as varied as possible. Of course, when using the traditional emailing, get the help of MailChimp or Campaign Monitor to make it less tedious.


Social media is not limited to Facebook – in case you haven’t heard. We now have other platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, where real estate pros promote their listings. While you and your team are most probably busy doing more important tasks, leave your social media postings to automation.

Buffer helps you schedule your posts ahead of time. You can also add contents you just found somewhere on your queue. The interface is totally easy to use and navigate.

A lot of real estate agents use this as their trusty social media side-kick. Feeling like you’re being left behind the curve? It’s never too late to start!

Which is which?

One doesn’t need to get a hold of all these technologies. Get to know each feature and see what fits your business and yourself best. Agents and brokers always prefer one to the other because personality-wise, they click.

Besides, no two individuals work exactly the same way. There are tons of other tools available online. Alternatives to the rather pricey ones often come cheaper; some are even free! Perhaps you’d even opt for a more expensive tool because you just feel like you two are just meant to be.

Final Thoughts

Productivity appears to be everybody’s woes despite the technological advancements of this era. Not only real estate agents struggle with this. However, professions similar to real estate brokerage are always after potential sales, so it pays to be efficient with time and TTDs. With the help of technology, stuff is made easier. What can make them even more effective, though, are capitalizing on their capacities and the user’s self-imposed discipline.

Author’s Bio:

Abigail Sabijon is a content writer for MyFriendFernando – providing Calgary, Canada quality service in the search for their dream home. Before stepping into the blogosphere, she was a university instructor and international language teacher.

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