Ramon's NEW BOOK: Celebrity CEO - How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive By Building Community and a Strong Personal Brand

One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is getting new customers and keeping the ones they have.

Ramon Ray, entrepreneur, best selling author and global speaker, shares his best practices and success in asking for smiles before sales in his latest book, Celebrity CEO

In the book Ramon outlines the importance of business owners build a fan base, first.

A Celebrity CEO is not (necessarily) a famous actor, athlete or politician. Instead a Celebrity CEO, is well known in their local town or state OR known in their industry or market.

If you build a fan base, you can then educate and nurture your customers to buy from you.

By building a fan base (or a community), you're first giving value and earning credibility in the market.

Sometimes we make the mistake of asking for a sale first, it's often too soon.

Asking for a sale first, will often get a quick "no".

But if you have a fan base, who knows, likes and trusts you, it's much easier to ask for the sale.

Sales is important, for sure. But it's equally and maybe even more important to build trust.

Consumer have so many options and choices. With the click of a mouse someone can buy from your competitor.

However, by building a fan base of trusted followers, you'll brand is growing in their minds.

While larger companies can invest a lot in advertising to get attention and get the word about their product or services, many smaller businesses don't have that luxury.

However, we all can invest the TIME to show good will, educate, build trust and build a community. THEN sales will come.

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