Are Press Releases Dead? Ramon's Answer May Surprise You.

Are press releases dead? Jessica Minnick asked Ramon this question in the Alice Role Breakers Community as part of his Ask Me Anything (AMA) session.

Although traditional press releases are not dead, they're not the only thing that should be considered in your media outreach.

  • A press release has some value. Especially for SEO and links to your website. Many press release services automatically list your press release on other websites.
  • Nurture your own relationships with reporters and bloggers so they know who you are and get their permission to email them from time to time. Attend events where journalists and media attend, so you can meet them in person and shake their hand.
  • Don't seek to always PITCH yourself, seek to first add value and be helpful.
  • Create your own content, beyond just the press release and use Linked, Medium or your own blog to write articles.
  • These are just a few things you can do, in addition to sending a traditional press release to reach the media.

See my full comments and insights on publicity at Alice.

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