VIDEO:How To Turn A "Pick My Brain" Call Into Cash

Pick my brain - it's a phrase we hate. We all want to help and have an attitude of generosity yet feeling that there is value for out time. Also during these challenging times we all are strapped for cash and want to earn money for our families. How do you turn "pick my brain" calls into money.

Here's a strategy you can use to turn those calls that come from family, friends and associates, into cash for your business.

Pick my brain strategy

  1. Put everyone into buckets. There's very close friends and family, who you'll probably never charge. Then there's business friends and associates who you work with due to business or other relationships. Then there's "brands" or companies who need you as well. Each of these you have to treat different and can give various degrees of help.
  2. With everyone you can spend a few minutes in 2 or 3 quick email exchanges to help. Some you can spend a few minutes on the phone with. I do this for business friends and associates all day
  3. If it's a longer more consulting call you can ask for your fee (discounted or not) or just explain you're happy to do it and ask that they compensate you for your time, what they think it's worth - pay what you want. I got this idea from Adrian Miller.
  4. For a person representing a brand, you can help a bit but should nicely draw the line and turn what you can into consulting.

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