Not-For-Profit CFO Says People, Tech and Process Are Essential in Interview with Ramon Ray

Julian Love has two important metrics, as CFO of St. Hope, in Sacramento, CA. Like any business he needs to ensure his "numbers" are correct. The money that's brought in and the organization's expenditures must be in alignment. But the other equally important number are the lives that St. Hope is impacting.

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St. Hope focuses on revitalizing public education and economic development. Their network of charter schools serves over 2,000 students and they help employ over 300 people in 6 businesses.

Julian's worked at for-profit and not-for-profit companies and he explained that while a for profit business can just focus on "are we being profitable" a not-for-profit business must also use it's resources to change and improve the lives of those they serve.

Another important part of Julian's tool kit of success is, technology - both in managing your finances and in your overall operations.  Julian sees, people, technology and processes as an important foundation for a success business - for profit or not-for-profit.

Technology can give your business the efficiency boost it needs to grow and ensure that your people and their processes can operate at optimum efficiency.

Julian recalls a time when many things at St. Hope were done manually. With the implementation and integration of NetSuite things can now be done digitally and everything is hosted in the cloud. In fact they've cut paper out of their processes. Everything is digital. Running your business digitally means you can even get more accurate and faster reporting.

Machine learning and AI are not just "geek speak", but Julian sees a time when he can use AI to help him better evaluate two candidates for a job, to ensure he has the best candidate for the right job.

Always learn and always seek to grow is an important tip Julian shared for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking.

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