Non-Obvious Megatrends 2020. Rohit Bhargava How To Read the Future

Rohit Bhargava is obsessed with understanding trends, past, present and future. His 10th and last edition of the Non-Obvious Trends reports is out on January 7th and from my review it's good.

Listen to the interview and read more below!

What I liked best was in fact the first part of the book, where Rohit shares how we can all learn to open our minds to see the future. Being able to see "around corners" is not just for futurists and pundits but it's an important trait for any business owner.

Maybe there's a problem in your business that you're trying to solve, or you want to spot a new revenue opportunity, being able to see a non-obvious trend can help.

Rohit gives a great example of this. Avis was losing money, it's brand was bruised and the new CMO just couldn't figure out the right way to get people to take notice of their brand. A copywriter came up with something special - to tout "We're the No. 2 brand - so we try harder". This change, I'm sure with other changes and improvements turned the company around.

What are some ways you can tune your mind to have the mindset of a non-obvious thinker?

  1. Be observant
  2. Be curious
  3. Be fickle
  4. Be elegant
  5. Be thoughtful

Some of the non-obvious trends in Non-Obvious trends include:

Amplified identity - more and an more individuals looking to be mini-celebrities. We're all guilty of this to some degree, with our increase in selfies 🙂

Instant knowledge - we all want things faster and faster and thanks to the Internet, we are getting it that way. However, who is deeply learning much of anything?

Revivalism - this is the trend towards going old school; while fast, fresh and new are nice, for many brands its going "old school" that is working best.

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