You Don't Need Celebrities (or Millions of Viewers) For A Successful Online Event

How to get millions (billions, zillions) of people to your next event? Hire Shaq and Gronk, said a recent headline in The article was referring to an online event that attracted millions of viewers, raised money for a good cause and had sponsors.

They articles was focused on the "hype" that many large brands want to attract millions of people to their brands.

However, we're small business owners, we're not large brands.

We don't need millions of "anybody" clicking to our website or even buying our products.

We just need a small number of the right people to know about how we can help them.

With the right number, we'll be able to pay our team a great wage, pay ourselves well and live a great life.

Many people I'm sure read the Entrepreneur article and think you need to AIM to get millions of people to your next online event. YOU DO NOT.

Sure the producers of this event got Shaq and Gronk to participate, raised money for a good cause and made a sponsor very happy.

You should aim to get the RIGHT people engaged with how you're serving them through your content which directs them to vote for you with their dollars by buying from you.

Sure you need some decent numbers, not ONE person on a webinar.

But it's more important to have the RIGHT people.

Numbers are important, but the right numbers.

Having said that, absolutely you don't need to have a simple and boring "Zoom" event.

Using some simple audience engagement, great content and a great speaker, you're event can be a success.

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