Reach Specific Customers in your Neighborhood Using Nextdoor’s Local Deals

As a small business owner, local consumers are the lifeblood, and getting your business on Nextdoor is a tech-savvy way to reach the neighbors – especially with the company announcing Local Deals for businesses. What makes the launching of the Local Deals exciting is the fact that the power of recommendation from one’s community will always supersede the recommendation given by a stranger on the internet.  With U.S. shopping mall vacancies hitting an all-time high of 8 years, supporting the local businesses in the neighborhood is the need of the hour. And, the hyper-targeting local tool of Nextdoor will channelize the marketing efforts of small business owners to their most valuable and loyal customer.

Local Deals – A Revolutionary Concept for the Neighborhood

Beyond advertising, Nextdoor offers plenty of organic value to all sizes of local businesses. Interestingly, one in every four conversations on the platform is about the recommendation of a service to a neighborhood. And, now to enjoy the benefits of the hyper-targeting local tool, small businesses will have to set up a free business page on Nextdoor. Using the page, they can create a local deal to promote an upcoming or ongoing sale, discount, and other incentives to connect with new and existing customers in a neighborhood of their choice. With the help of the new feature, businesses can leverage the power of word-of-mouth publicity. It will give an extra push to add customers to their network and aid in building a long-term relationship.

The users of Nextdoor will find the local deals in the area where they look up for recommendations or references from the neighbors. It’s up to the business to choose the neighborhood, and their deals will be visible to those with verified address in that particular neighborhood. The user can save the deal for later or redeem it instantly, either online or in-person.

Local Deals – Success Stories

Fast food causal food chain, The Toasted Yolk Café in Texas, reached tens of thousands of people living in their neighborhood within a month by using the Local Deals on their Nextdoor business page.

Another restaurant in Florida, La Fiorentina Steakhouse Italiana, witnessed an increase in their breakfast sales by 20% using the Local Deals.

Local Deals – A boon or a gimmick

According to a survey, 93% of consumers travel no more than 20 minutes to make everyday purchases. With these statistics in mind, Local Deals is location marketing destinations helping small businesses reach their target audience like never before – hassle-free and directly to specific neighborhoods. Furthermore, with more than 40 million recommendations on the platform and 76% people agreeing that the recommendations influenced their purchase behavior, Local Deals can become a game-changer for businesses looking to leave an impact in the minds of the customers. Today, Local Deals are much more powerful, effective, and pocket-friendly than mailers because the community members of Nextdoor want only the best for their community.

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