Nextdoor: Bringing Neighborhoods and Local Businesses Back Together

There are different levels of neighbors — there are the people that live directly next to you, the people who live on your block, and then the people who make up the actual neighborhood you live in. Your community of locals tends to visit the same businesses, utilize similar services, and share local news. But how can you connect to this group if you don’t actually know the majority of people who play a part in creating it? Nextdoor is an online community made for this exact reason — to bring together neighborhoods so that they can connect on local topics, news, and similar interests. But more than that, it also helps local businesses get found by the people who need them most: the local customer. 

About Nextdoor

Nextdoor is the world’s largest network for neighborhoods, used by neighbors in more than 250,000 neighborhoods across 11 countries. Since the very beginning, Nextdoor has been a platform built on trust. Members are required to use their real name and verified address, creating accountability and encouraging neighbors to be their best selves, leading to healthy and productive dialogue and neighbors lending a helping hand in their community.

How It Works

Nextdoor is built on the idea of using local power. Neighbors can connect on Nextdoor to find trusted, useful, and relevant local information that will help address their daily needs, form relationships, and build safer + happier places to call home. 

Some of the reasons neighbors turn to Nextdoor include: 

  • Finding and sharing trustworthy recommendations.
  • Making new friends.
  • Building valuable connections.
  • Connecting with neighbors on civic engagement and common interests.

Finding Local Businesses on Nextdoor

Nextdoor believes that when local businesses thrive, communities thrive. {And we can’t argue that idea!} Members commonly share recommendations for businesses in the neighborhood, so  the people behind Nextdoor quickly realized the need for local business pages so that recommendations could be built up and shared. Now, local businesses can claim their free Business Page by visiting This helps building their presence on Nextdoor and in their local community. 

From their dedicated Business Page, businesses can share their story, update contact information, and respond to recommendations, all for free. Plus, they now have Local Deals and an annual Neighborhood Favorites awards. It’s kind of like an end-of-year poll where neighbors can vote for their favorite businesses in different categories, including food and drink, personal care, pet care, and retail. And with Nextdoor’s partnership with Yext, people in the neighborhood can find all the facts they need, such as business locations, contact information, hours of operation, and more.

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