Are You Using Nextdoor For Local Marketing?

Nextdoor is a powerful platform bringing together neighbors in their communities. I signed to try it out and it's a smattering of posts on local deals, events, real estate, things for sale and so much more. After hearing from so many people about it, I had to check it out.

Nextdoor is also a growing service for local companies to serve the neighbors in their communities. There's a blog post here on how local businesses can get the most out of Next Door.

A few quick tips?

  • Recommendations are important. If someone hires you from Nextdoor, ask them to recommend you and rate you!
  • The hours you post are very important as well. Nextdoor is a stream of posts, so TIMING is important.
  • Photos are also good.

There's so many places and ways to generate local business for your business. Next Door is an increasingly powerful way to do that.

Of course old fashioned "word of mouth" is good as well and testing out Yelp, Facebook and Google as well.


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