New TV Show "The Startup Hour™" Allows Viewers to Get Involved

New TV Show "The Startup Hour™" Allows Viewers to Get Involved

Each week, business enthusiasts set down in front of their television sets to watch business based reality TV shows like Shark Tank, Restaurant Startup and The Profit. We watch for the thrill of watching businesses either make a great deal or totally go bust and use the lessons as takeaways of what to do and not do in our own businesses. It's real stuff that we can all relate to, but it only lets us watch from the sidelines and not really get involved. Well, a new show called The Startup Hour™ is looking to break that mold by allowing viewers to get in on the action.

The Startup Hour™ is a new television series that combines the excitement of reality TV contest with the buying urgency of the New York Stock exchange trading floor. It's crowdfunding and crowdinvesting come to television. The show features entrepreneurs seeking investors and customers and inspires investors looking for great companies to invest in. But what makes this show different is that viewers also have an opportunity to jump in and take action by either funding or directly investing in the companies they love.

I met up with Jonathan Block, executive producer of The Startup Hour™ at SXSW 2015 and he gave me a quick overview of the show. Check out the interview below:

The Startup Hour™ is currently in production, but if you are an entrepreneur looking to take part in the show, you can register online for the 2015 season.


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