NetSuite Ramps Up To Meet Rapid Change and Uncertainty

Yesterday, NetSuite cofounder Evan Goldberg briefed journalists on how NetSuite is evolving to meet the needs of its customers.

CRM, ecommerce, inventory and people management have always been important. However, this year they're more important than ever. Companies, such as NetSuite customers have had to scramble to make rapid change, in the midst of uncertainty, marketplace shifts, losing customers and addressing unseen and never imagined risks.

“It’s been an overwhelming year of change and businesses have been forced to build for a new reality,” said Evan Goldberg, EVP of Oracle NetSuite. “To help our customers navigate all of this change, we have introduced new innovations across the entire suite, from finance and
ecommerce to HR and operations, to reduce IT complexity, streamline business processes, improve decision making, and enhance the customer and employee experience. The latest updates will help our customers gain real-time visibility into their entire business so that they have the agility and control required to successfully build for what’s next.”

Technology does not live in a vacuum. Neither does employee management. Both must work together.

In announcing these updates, NetSuite acknowledges the shifting changes and also is enhancing its offerings to help customers.


Financial management is a key challenge companies are facing. Being able to better automate accounts payable functions will save customers time, make payments more efficient and let busy employees focus on other things. Be that focus higher priority work at their jobs or spend more time with their families.

Many companies have been challenged by inventory disruption. NetSuite is helping to alleviate that with enhanced automation to move inventory, across the global, as customer needs dictate.


While many in the USA (and globally) are losing their jobs, many companies are also hiring. Hiring can often be an inefficient process, but NetSuite's new hiring tools are making onboarding new employees easier and more streamlined.

New Resource Guide

NetSuite has also introduced Business Now, a resource guide designed to help businesses navigate the unknown and plan for what’s next. It includes practical guidance, industry insights, and inspirational stories from businesses around the world, including HINT, LovelySkin, and T3 Micro, about how they are adapting to change.

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