NetSuite Announces Improvements to Better Serve SMBs at SuiteConnect

At SuiteConnect Ramon Ray spoke with Evan Goldberg, Executive Vice President, and Jayson Maynard, Senior Vice President of Global Field Operations, both of Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit about how NetSuite can serve small companies and bigger companies. They expressed that there are some things big and small companies have in common; everyone wants insight into their business and they need to take care of their customers. The executives said that they can (and do!) serve even the smallest of small businesses and want NetSuite to be the last ERP tool small business owners will ever need as their businesses grow. The Team announced some exciting updates, here’s what you can expect to see from them in the coming months:

NetSuite Moving to Cloud

NetSuite announced at SuiteConnect that it’s moving to Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure. By giving up the task of having to manage infrastructure, NetSuite now has more resources to focus on helping business owners grow their enterprises. NetSuite will go live on Oracle Cloud infrastructure over the next 18 months. By next spring, new, U.S.-based customers can expect to have 2 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions available.  With the transition, customers can expect,

  • Autonomous data security and backups.
  • Control over scheduling support and upgrade/patching services.
  • Decreased downtime.
  • Global access.
  • Advanced technology including AI-based Applications, ML-integrated security, and automated analytics.

Expanded Social Impact Program

Since 2006, NetSuite has provided a “unified business management solution for nonprofits to manage their entire end-to-end global operations – integrating accounting, fundraising, constituent relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, inventory management, HR, payroll and more.” Their outreach has impacted 1,500 nonprofits with donations of over $100 million in software solutions. This year, NetSuite has expanded its program to include 300 new nonprofits worldwide. 

Evan Goldberg, EVP, Oracle NetSuite says, “We’re proud of what we’ve achieved and know there is so much more to be done. That’s why we continue to expand our Social Impact program to help apply the power of technology to some of the world’s most critical problems.”

Innovations in Growth

NetSuite is committed to helping businesses grow and announced a series of improvements. The company has expanded capabilities in the following areas to make it easier for business owners to scale:

  • Analytics
  • Supply Chain
  • Distribution
  • Advanced Project Budgets
  • Commerce
  • Nonprofit
  • HR
  • Financial

“Our goal is to help our customers focus on what matters and unlock new opportunities by giving them the solutions needed to be agile and adapt to changing business dynamics. The latest updates to NetSuite build on that goal and our commitment to delivering customers in all industries a roadmap for success.”

NetSuite Partner Initiative

SuiteLife, NetSuite’s program to help its partners meet the ever-expanding customer demand for cloud ERP, is really taking off! Since April 2019, they’ve added 38 new partners to their program in North America. Partners have more confidence about the inner workings of NetSuite and feel better equipped to assist their customers. 

“The SuiteLife program has given us the capacity to grow and scale our team without being held back by ‘a la carte’ pricing like other vendors. We are expanding our NetSuite business rapidly and helping organizations take advantage of a powerful ERP platform to streamline business operations and unlock growth.” — Tanner Killam, Consulting Manager, Bluvault

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