McDonald's Franchise Owner Jim Lewis on Building Brand Trust, Creating a Culture and Building a Winning Team

McDonald's Franchise Owner Jim Lewis on Building Brand Trust, Creating a Culture and Building a Winning Team

Two of the biggest struggles most small business face are building a trusted brand and hiring the right people that will enforce that brand. The two go hand-in-hand and can constantly teeter on good or bad depending on the experience your customer has. You can spend tremendous amounts of time and dollars on building your brand and solidifying it within your market. But hire the 'wrong' person, one who doesn't fit into your culture and represent you the way you need them to, and your brand can be tarnished.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jim Lewis, Owner / Operator of multiple McDonald's franchise locations, about his approach on building brand trust, creating a company culture and developing a team that reinforces the bigger brand of McDonald's.  From the importance of hiring based on cultural fit versus experience to embracing diversity and inspiring employees through career growth, we covered a number of topics that relate to every small business. You can watch the full video interview below.

While each McDonald's franchise has the backing of a marketing powerhouse, as you can see in the video, the individual owner / operators face all of the same small business challenges that other businesses face. As Jim points out - it's about being smart and capitalizing on the opportunities you have to build a team of managers and employees that embrace the culture, thus building the brand. It's about being the leader that your team needs - one that reinforces what you stand for and builds up the company culture. It's about inspiring those that work for you and giving them the opportunity to grow.

Yes - as small business owners we face challenges every single day. But with each day comes the power to change lives - not only ours, but those of the people who work for us and do business with us. Embrace that. It's a gift.

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