It Wasn't My Idea. Mark Cuban In 4 Powerful Words.

There's many kinds of leaders. Leaders who believe they have to be the smartest person in the room, leaders who are mean, leaders who are nice, and etc. I've learned quite a bit about leadership from Entre Leadership and Mark Cuban shows another lesson in it, in a recent Tweet. The Mavs have converted their stadium to a rest place for first responders it looks like. Someone complimented Mark on the idea and he was quick to say it was not his idea.

This is a simple example, however, it's yet another example of great leadership in action.

During challenging times we need great leadership, but even when things are fine.

Does this mean you can't build a great company, if you're not a great leader? No.

But it does mean that if you're a great leader you'll be able to build a great company and ensure the team who you're leading is also growing, feeling appreciated and so much more.


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