LinkedIn Boosts Features To Help Businesses Connect, Hire and Learn

Just about every business uses LinkedIn to network with other business owners. However, LinkedIn has so much more features that can benefit your business. First is LinkedIn events, it's a powerful tool to get your community excited about your events.

LinkedIn says they recently integrated LinkedIn Events into the Pages experienceto help you strengthen relationships with your customers, colleagues, and communities by being able to easily create and join professional events. For small businesses especially, Events can be used to keep your customers up to date on how your business is doing and connect with your communities.

Successful business owners are always learning. LinkedIn is now offering free LinkedIn Learning courses through the end of August to help business owners navigate these challenging times.

Finally, LinkedIn is evolving to help you hire faster and better. LinkedIn says, with the rise of remote work as the world of work changes, the location of where you find your next employee(s) may not be as critical of a factor. They're rolling out a new way to be able to set a job post’s location to ‘remote’ with LinkedIn Jobs. This new setting is a quick way to attract job seekers looking for remote work, and find top talent no matter where they’re located. It will be rolling out to all job posters over the coming weeks.

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