LinkedIn's New Event Marketing Tool

LinkedIn recently added an "Events" button to enable you to promote events. It's on the left of your desktop version under "groups". Although event marketing is tough, events are a powerful way to promote your brand, get new leads and overall engage you community.

The book "Celebrity CEO" notes that events are a powerful way to build and enhance your personal brand.

There's a few major companies who are in the event business.

  • There's Eventbrite, which helps you with ticketing, attendees and more.
  • Facebook has a popular event feature to enable you to market your event.
  • Of course you can use Meetup as well.

Now we have LinkedIn events.

It's a simple tool to let you list your event and then start inviting your followers to check it out. I suspect as it grows you can buy advertising to attract more interest to you event.

I first got clued to this featured from Tech Crunch which writes, "Ajay Datta, the head of product for LinkedIn India (where the app was developed; more on that below), believes that there is a clear gap in the market for a feature like this, much like you could argue Facebook’s events feature has served a role in the out-of-work world to plan casual events. “I think there is a massive whitespace for events today,” he said. “People don’t have a single place to organise [work-related] offline meetups specific to an industry or a neighborhood. People want to find other people.”

As you start to create events for your business, remember that CREATING the event is easy. What's hard is marketing the event check out Smart Hustle for more insights on events.

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