Ignition Video Series: Dave Kerpen on How to Increase Social Media Engagement

Ignition Video Series: Dave Kerpen on How to Increase Social Media Engagement

Dave Kerpen, Founder & CEO of Likeable Media, specialises in helping small businesses build, engage and grow through social media. He has developed software specific to helping small businesses manage their social media and this week on Ignition, Dave will be sharing his tips and advice on how to increase your social media engagement.

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Question of the Week: I run a plastic surgery private practice and we do a lot of social media. We have a lot of followers, but our engagement is really low. Why? What do we do to increase our engagement?

Watch this episode of Ignition here or, simply watch below.

Here are three key factors that Dave shares to increase your customer engagement through social media:

Identify Your Audience

Identify who your audience is and if they are the right audience for your business. To ensure that you're targeting the right audience, take a look at where you are placing your ads as well as what platforms you are using to post your content.

Review Your Content

Is the content that you're sharing with your audience engaging? Questions have a greater chance of generating engagement than statements do. You can increase your level of engagement by using specific keywords and statements which generate a call-to-action. For example, "like if..", "share this if...", "what do you think about...?", "coffee or tea?", etc. These are just a few of the many ways that you can increase audience engagement through social media.

Pay to Play

As much as we'd like to post content and have it seen by our entire audience it's just not that simple. By paying a very minimal amount of money, you can have your updated content sponsored and seen by thousands of followers.

Learn more tips about increasing your social media engagement and how to enlighten your followers, create an irresistible brand and be amazing at leveraging social content by watching this episode of Ignition here.


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