Ignition Video Series: Matt Gottesman Shares How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Ignition Video Series: Matt Gottesman Shares How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Are you having trouble driving traffic to your website?  In this weeks episode of Ignition,  Matt Gottesman, expert in digital marketing, shares how businesses can use one common tactic to increase traffic to their site.

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Question of the Week: My business sells surfing gear online. We get a respectful number of return customers but we are not seeing a lot of traffic and it is putting our sales in trouble. We run a blog but we don’t update it as much as we’d like and we try to put out a newsletter but we just aren’t seeing the boost in traffic we need to grow our sales. How can we drive more traffic to our site?

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This is a common challenge for many businesses but, Matt says that is all comes down to one thing: content.  Here are three different channels where businesses can increase content to drive traffic to their site:

Social Media

Instagram is a great way to catch the attention of followers. The format of Instagram forces followers to focus on one post at a time.  This means that for a few seconds you have your followers undivided attention. Not only are they focusing solely on your post, including your image and content but you can direct them wherever you'd like them to go.  In addition, the most common content that you see on Instagram is lifestyle, nature, fitness and motivational driven posts, all of which can relate to surfing.  This is a perfect way to create posts that engage with your followers and drive them back to your website.


Creating content for a blog can be a tedious and timely task, but the more that you do it the more traffic you will see being driven to your blog.  One of the keys to blogging is creating constant and relevant content for your audience.  This includes not only talking about topics related to surfing products or events but also focus on topics that are outside the surfing realm.  This includes exercise tips, lifestyle and other topics that are relatable to surfers but do not focus solely on surfing.

Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is a great way to deliver content directly to your audience. Instead of them having to search for you through social media or hunting for your blog, you can send them all of the content directly to their inbox.  It's a great way to get a message in front of your readers and direct them back to your website.

To find out more ways to drive traffic to your website using content on social media, blogs and email newsletters check out the video above, or click here.

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