How eCommerce Friendly is Your Business?

How eCommerce Friendly is Your Business?



While ecommerce has been around for a long time it is only in recent years that it has become more popular. Using and utilizing ecommerce solutions is now much easier for all business owners. Ecommerce solutions are both more affordable and are much more easy to get up and running.

Ecommerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. If you file your taxes online, for example, you are utilizing ecommerce. When you purchase from Macy’s, Amazon or Ebay, thats ecommerce. Even if you register for driver’s license or a government service online you are using an ecommerce solution.

Today things like customer service and billing have gone online. It is very easy for any business to install a help desk or a chat line on their website.

Using ecommerce solutions means that your business automates transactions and it requires less paper. This actually helps lower your costs per transaction and of course has benefits for the environment. Think about how much paper waste your company produces on a traditional transaction that gets thrown into the recycle bin.

There are lots of solutions for using ecommerce in your business. So this means that whether you are running a multi million dollar business or are just starting up a small kitchen table business there are solutions suitable for you.

Infusionsoft is an example of a powerful software that incorporates many different functions. You can perform customer relationship management, CRM, with it. You can email your customers directly from within the software and you can run an online store or set up a invoicing system.

Think of ecommerce solutions as a huge filing system for your company. You can simply look up a customer or client and find all their relevant information. This would include past and present orders, payment and billing information and contact details. Can you see how much more efficient your company could be from using a system such as this?

A popular ecommerce solution for businesses is the shopping cart. These can now be easily installed on any website and gives the site a professional store front look. At one time this type of site had to be created using extensive and complicated code. Today they are available as a wordpress plug-in or as professional multi-function solutions with online features and no installation required with stores like Miva.

So how ecommerce friendly would you say your business is? Is there a way that you could store files, documents and paperwork online? Or could your business benefit from the installation of a shopping cart? All of these ecommerce solutions could easily increase your customer base and add to your bottom line.

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