Home Decor Executive Says Companies Need to Build Trust with Their Customers

James Bonomo is an accountant by trade, who is COO of home decor company, Regina Andrew Design, based in Detroit. The company was founded by husband and wife team, James "Andrew" Slaven and Carla "Regina" Zajac.

On the occasion of NetSuite's annual user conference we discussed the importance of hiring right and getting your employees to buy into your vision of the company. When hiring, James advises, use good job descriptions and have  conversations with those you hire, ensure they're a right fit for your company.

You won't find a GUIDE or PERFECT solution, but as your business grows you're going to find the solution in your processes and the natural growth and tweaking of your company.

"Fashion brained" professionals are used to working with the design part of their brain, but it's important to also have business acumen and understand how the business makes money. Know fashion but also know business.

NetSuite has been very instrumental in the growth of Regina Andrew Design. Taking multiple systems and processes and combining them together into one ERP solution, on the cloud. NetSuite is also used to power their website and enable them to sell online.

James shared with me that successful companies such as Uber, Amazon and AirBNB are all about trust and reputation, there's no secret sauce anymore. It's all about your brand and ensuring your customers trust you. In addition to trust, it's important to know that you're competing for TIME.  The more ways you're able to give your customers the tools and abilities to make decisions, the more they'll trust you.

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