Stop Hiring Interns When You Really Need Experts.

A few weeks ago I was helping a good friend and his wife and business partner produce and staff his first exhibit at a small trade show. It was me and another experienced and mature business professional, who were helping. Hiring interns was one option, it would have been very low cost, but instead he had two experienced professionals on hand.

Interns are great. We SHOULD hire them to help in our business and to give them the experience they need, as people have given us experience in our career journeys.

However, if you have something VERY important to do, that requires someone with skill, background and professional mature, you should invest the money to hire that kind of person. Be they an employee or a freelancer.

Trying to save money and hiring interns or cheap labor can turn out wrong.

In the case of my friends event, we were able to guide him and help in with his first trade show. We've been selling for years and were able to understand what he needed and get right to work with minimal effort.

An inexperienced staff would not have been able to execute as well as we did.

So my point? Often times we look for CHEAP. We look to save money.

But instead of saving money we end up hurting our brand and not doing as well as we should.

Interns are great. But don't hire them and/or "cheap" labor when you should be investing in someone with experience and skills you need.

video marketing - Photo Credit Jonsar Studios

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