Forbes8 - New Video Platform Launches

Forbes is an "old media" company chronicling the growth (and demise) of billion dollar companies. It was founded in 1917. Fast forward 100 years, Forbes must stay relevant in a changing demographic with changing technology.

No longer is business just about older guys creating billion dollar mega companies. It's now about almost teen founders , moms leaving secure jobs, men who recently served in the military. It's about brown guys and gals and immigrants.

It's about all of us creating the next big (or small) brand in today's ever shrinking global economy, thanks to modern technology.

Forbes recently launched Forbes8, a fresh subscription platform providing educational video content for a generation of fast thinking and fast moving entrepreneurs.

Forbes8 is more than a video platform. It's built around four distinct categories, Inspire, Launch, Grow, and Impact .

These categories are further served to you based on some intelligence powered by machine learning.

In a "You Tube" like fashion, Forbes8 learns what you like and recommends related video content to you. Gone are the days when you have to scroll and scroll to find what's important to you.

The co-founders of Forbes8 make an interesting couple.

The dapper and clean cut Tom Davis, who could have walked out of "typical" casting at a VC firm and Amos Winbush III, who represents the fresh and hip professionals that are a growing force in today's business world.

I applaud Forbes8 for launching first in Ghana, quite an under-represented community for business and entrepreneurial growth.

Congrats to the Forbes brand for launching Forbes8 and and bringing Fresh voices and perspective to the entrepreneurial community.

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