Ivy Slater Leads Female Founders Forum at Smart Hustle Growth Conference NYC

Female founders face special challenges that their male counterparts don't.

Access to funding, being taken seriously, managing their family and business are just a few of the challenges.

Successful entrepreneurs such as Sarah Blakely and Rebecca Minkoff are just two of the many founders who are passionate and focused on empowering women entrepreneurs.

At the 2019 Smart Hustle Small Business Conference , business coach Ivy Slater, will share her journey of entrepreneurship and lessons learned from coaching women in how they can start and build their businesses.

Produced by entrepreneur and author Ramon Ray the annual conference, held December 5th, is a must attend event for business owners. It's an all day event bringing together 300+ business owners and entrepreneurs.

Attendees learn from main stage speakers, experts in their fields, about leadership, technology, marketing and more.

Launched in 2006, the conference is ideal for solo business owners and/or business owners with small teams.

Attendees represent a cross section of industries such as business consultants, speakers; attorneys, accountants; financial consultants; health and fitness professionals; technology consultants; real estate agents and more.

Ramon is a successful entrepreneur who has started four companies and sold one. He’s the author of four books, with “Celebrity CEO” being the fourth. Ramon is a sought after keynote speaker, event host and pundit on small business success.

The Smart Hustle Small Business Conference brings together brands who support growing businesses. Past sponsors have included, Zoho, Salesforce, Dell, Intuit, Microsoft and many others.

This years speakers include:

Jess Todtfeld, media consultant, author and speaker

Tony Chatman,  author, leadership consultant, speaker

Josh Cohen, founder, Junkluggers, Leader in Sustainable Junk Removal

Jason Feifer, editor-in-chief, Entrepreneur Magazine

Danny Mizrahi, founder, ContangoIT

Ivy Slater, author, speaker, business coach specializing in women’s success

Martin Jones, (social media and marketing influencer)

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