Every Entrepreneur Should Have a PodCast Says Seth Godin

In a recent blog post, Seth Godin writes about podcasting. He says the reasons you might want to start a podcast are:

  1. You’ll meet some amazing people. Most podcasts are based on interviews, and having a podcast is a fabulous excuse to interview fascinating people.
  2. It will help clarify your thinking. You might hesitate to write, but most people don’t hesitate to speak their thoughts. Spending twenty minutes or more to explain something is a great way to understand it.
  3. You will earn credibility. Our culture gives extra credit to people who are thoughtful, generous and well-spoken.
  4. It’s a productive habit that gets both easier and more useful as you stick with it.
  5. It creates an asset, one that people can engage with for years to come.
  6. (not a reason) To make a fortune. You won’t. But 1 through 5 are a bargain, because you don’t need a permit, a license or a budget. You can simply begin.

Whether you have a podcast (which people think mainly audio) or you regularly share informative content with your community, it doesn't matter. Be it video, a blog post or audio - every business owner should start a podcast. If you want to be a Celebrity CEO and have a strong personal brand it's essential to create great content for your audience.

The art of Smart Hustle is all about not working HARDER but about working SMARTER. Smart small business owners create great content - podcasting is one way to do this!

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