It's Time To Rethink Your Email Newsletter. Constant Contact and Mailchimp.

So many businesses have email newsletters. Most are lack luster organs of dribble being pushed out like stale tooth paste every so often. Email marketing is a powerful way to connect and engage with your customers and potential customers. Mailchimp and Constant Contact have vitalized their respective platforms and continue to evolve them for the better.

But how should the basics of good email be?

At the very least your email should come out on a regular basis. Weekly if not every other week.

It should have a powerful, descriptive and captivating subject line.

Finally, inside should not be content that YOU want, but content that's best for your readers.

Your email might be VERY timely and need to be crafted each and every week. However you might also consider a more evergreen style of email and have it in an auto mated campaign that constantly feeds each new subscriber no matter when they sign up.

Constant Contact's Refresh

Recently Constant Contact had a powerful refresh of it's brand, to go along with it's overall evolution way beyond just email marketing.

Constant Contact's CMO says, "We started out as an email marketing company, and as time went on and the world of online marketing changed, we added tools to help people with things like ecommerce, social media marketing, Google ads, SEO, and building a website. Alongside those tools, we also filled a customer need for guidance and professional support in making the best use of those tools."

Mailchimp Content Studio

Mailchimp continues to evolve way beyond it's folksy brand and just email marketing. It's content studio enables business owners to get even more done from one place. This includes manage content assets, image design, integration with Canva and Adobe and more. It also recently launched an auto-design tool. According to Mailchimp, its new auto-designer automatically creates beautiful, effective, and on-brand designs sized for multichannel marketing campaigns.

What does this mean for you?

If you and your team are doing email marketing the same today, like you've been doing it for the past several years, you need to relook at your email marketing tools and see how they've become more robust, feature rich and often simpler to use. Many of them are making it easier to do so much from one dashboard.

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