Food To Eat Founder, Deepti Sharma, Presents at Smart Hustle Growth Conference

As a mother and business owner, Deepti Sharma is passionate about policies that support and enhance mothers and entrepreneurs. Her company, Food to Eat specializes in connecting immigrant, women and minority-owned food vendors to opportunities for growth.

At the 2019 Smart Hustle Growth Conference Deepti will share her insights on starting, growing and scaling a business. She'll also lend her insights on how female founders can succeed in business.

Deepti is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, a Forbes 30 Under 30 alumnae, and an avid runner.

The Smart Hustle Growth Conference is an experience bringing together entrepreneurs who are hustlers, Smart Hustlers. Smart Hustlers seek to build healthy, profitably, great business. Smart Hustlers are not driven by building a large company, but rather a great company.

Purposefully and carefully produced, the entire day is maximized for peer to peer networking and expert advice from the experiences of our speakers.

Each speaker is a successful business owner who shares their journey of failure and success or the speaker has a rich track record of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

The conference attracts attendees who can add value to the conference, to the experience of their fellow attendees and overall share their own journey of challenges and success.

The producer of the conference, Ramon Ray, is an entrepreneur, who has started four companies and sold two of them. An author of four books, two of them best-sellers. His latest book is Celebrity CEO. Ramon is an in demand event host, keynote speaker, live video host and more.

The Smart Hustle Growth Conference is ideal for entrepreneurs who have been in business for 3 years or more are earning from $250,000 to $5 million in total sales and have a growing team. If you’re revenue is less than this - come. You’ll learn from others who you can GROW your business. If you’re business is earning MORE than this - come. You’ll be able to share your experience with others and still learn a thing or two.

If you’re looking to GROW your business, maximize profits and live the life you want, this conference is for you.

During the conference attendees will hear from speakers, engage with speakers and learn from each other.

Million Dollar Mindset & Scaling

Josh Cohen, Junk Luggers; Danny Mizrahi, Contango IT; Rachel Michaelov, Empire Tax Professionals; Deepti Sharma, Food To Eat

What does it take to SCALE and GROW your business to over a million dollars? Listen to their journey (challenges and success) in hiring, marketing and financing their growth.

Branding, Marketing and Communications

Martin Jones, Social & Content Strategist; Jess Todtfeld, Success in Media

How do you get the attention of your perfect customer, craft a marketing strategy and the tactics to better market your business.

Leadership and Culture

Tony Chatman, Leadership Advisor and Speaker; Ivy Slater, Business Coach and Author

What kind of executive do you need to be to lead a successful team to grow your company? How do you nurture a culture of excellence in your organization.

Lessons in Entrepreneurship

Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine

Jason shares the stories of successful entrepreneurs. What are the traits, the mindset, the skills and attitude needed to learn, thrive through challenges and overall grow your business.

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