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Dan Wernikoff of Intuit Shares New Opportunities for Small Business

Dan Wernikoff of Intuit Shares New Opportunities for Small Business

I recently had the chance to sit down with Dan Wernikoff, SVP and GM of Small Business Finance Group at Intuit. Dan shared three ways that Intuit is reaching out and providing new opportunities to small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Here are a few of the key points that Dan talks about:

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“Small businesses deserve all the admiration we can give them. That’s why we put one lucky business on the Big Game, so everyone could celebrate their passion as much as we do.”

Small Business Big Game

“Small businesses are driving the bulk of the U.S. economy” says Dan, and yet they hardly get the recognition they deserve.  That’s why Intuit created the “Small Business Big Game” program, giving small businesses the chance to compete for the opportunity to air a commercial next to the biggest brands on the biggest stage during the Big Game.

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Quickbooks Connect

Dan Wernikoff also talked about the 2015 Quickbooks Connect conference, an event that focuses on creating a community built specifically for small businesses. According to a recent study done by Intuit, 40% of small businesses say that they are lonely. In an effort to brings small businesses together, Quickbooks Connect will be traveling to five different cities as well as providing a virtual community that allows small businesses, accountants and entrepreneurs to connect, grow and learn from one another.

(Watch the interview below to to find out more about the programs and services that Intuit will be providing to small businesses and entrepreneurs as well as Dan’s tips and advice for running your small business!)

Quickbooks Financing

One of the biggest hurdles for small businesses right now is finding access to financing.  Dan shares that, 60% of their customer base looks for financing every year and of that, 60% won’t get approved.  This can happen for a combination of reasons but in an effort to match small businesses with the appropriate lenders, Quickbooks is offering a fund that they will loan out to small businesses.  The idea of the Quickbooks fund is to give small businesses the perfect combination of decent rates, same day funding and a one-click application.

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