Corkcicle's Head of Tech Says Focus On What You Do Best and Move To The Cloud

David Jarrell is the head of technology for Corkcicle –  and advises that it’s important for business owners, especially those who lead small businesses, to focus on what they do well. See our interview below.

Corkcicle makes products to keep liquids, such as wine, cool. Based in Orlando, Florida they have about 35 employees.

David’s a huge proponent of leveraging cloud computing. While every application doesn’t need to be in the cloud he feels MOST should be. If you manage your own server, you have to deal with updating your server, rebooting it if needed, securing it and more. Your cloud provider can do all of this, and more, better than you can. Moving to the cloud will also provide you with more efficiency and productivity in your business.

I spoke with David about when he suggests business realize they need to invest in an ERP solution such as NetSuite – . David said that the tipping point comes when you realize your software does not have the features you need. He also said that sometimes your current solution can’t easily integrate with other solutions. Maybe you have to connect to the database of a major retailer or other partner, for example.



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