Carl Reader's New Book, Boss It. Recipe to Start, Plan and Grow Your New Business

Carl Reader's New Book "Boss It", is the recipe for success for business owners who want to control their time, income and life - as the subtitle reads. For new business owners Boss It, is a must, for seasoned business owners you'll learn something as well.

Mindset in business is so important and Carl lays out the key aspects of why you should even consider being in business, right at the start of the book. Of course being able to then define the SUCCESS or lack thereof is essential as well.

Many of us have a thousand different ideas and turning our idea into a business is challenging. "Boss It" underscore the importance of dreaming big.

Your dream should big enough to keep you motivated, relevant to your definition of success and your personal values and understandable to team members, customers, suppliers and the wider world, writes Carl.

Part two of "Boss It" is all about the planning stage of business and in part three Carl writes about one of my favorite parts - building systems and process, where so many of us struggle. Without systems and clear procedures it's hard to get scale. I teach about this in my Akimbo course, Small Business Essentials , scale to your perfect size.

Part three of Carl's book helps you scale your company. Funding is such an important aspect of every business. Some companies get investor funding and Carl shares his tips.

I also think that for most small companies, bootstrapping your way to success is best.

Carl's a smart and successful chap from England. Check out his book for you and a friend.

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