How to Build Google Trust and Rank Better for the Long Term

How to Build Google Trust and Rank Better for the Long Term

Getting a higher ranking website used to be about links. Then it was about good content and links. Nowadays it’s about great content, quality links and creating trust signals in Google... and here's how you do that!

We so often hear about gaining 'trust’ on Google. It’s touted around SEO forums and on Facebook SEO groups. But explanations of exactly what 'trust' is are always a bit vague and hard to put a finger on as to what it is exactly. So, we've compiled a list of the things that help to create trust, send the positive signals to Google and help you rank higher for the long term.

Google tends to take on-site and off-site factors into account when ranking a site and these trust factors extend to both. There is a particular set of things that Google looks for and relishes to determine whether your business is legit or a fly by night spam effort. So, what are they?

On-Page Trust

You have complete control over the types of trust signals you can showcase on your site and following the tips below will make your life a whole lot easier and don’t take a whole load of effort.

Trustable Pages

There are certain pages that every site should have. These may not rank for keywords but are essential in creating trust. They include:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Affiliate Disclaimer
  • Site Registration

When you purchase your domain and pay for hosting you're creating trust, or are you? A longer domain registration costs more money and is a positive sign that you, and your site, are in it for the long term and won’t engage in spammy techniques. This is a trust signal.

Completing the Public WHOIS when registering a site is also a positive step, and it shows Google that you are transparent and a real person running an actual site. Private WHOIS may seem like a good idea, but it can lower your levels of trust and also your ability to rank.

Outbound Links

People who link out to other sites from their own are referencing information and are viewed as more of a resource than those that don’t link out. Google sees sites with some outbound links as a positive resource. It hates those that don’t link out and hoard page rank in an isolated manner. Link out in moderation to good sites that provide rich information that are apt for your subject matter and reap the rewards. Ironically, hoarding page rank can diminish rank.

Social Media

If your content is of high quality, then people will want to share it. Google understands that sites that receive shares offer value and so this too is seen as a positive signal.

Blog Commenting

Blogs are opinions and opinions provoke comments. If you are receiving comments, it shows Google your site is at the center of a lively community and one that is a resource. So, encourage people to leave comments on you posts by asking them to interact.

Low Bounce Rates

A site with a low bounce rate shows the searcher has found what they are looking for from a search. The opposite shows they haven’t and suggests your site is not suitable for that particular search. It’s likely this is a signal that will alter rank accordingly. Here’s some information on how to lower bounce rates.

Off-Site Factors that Matter

The second half of the trust factor puzzle are the offsite factors. These are a little less in your control but play a huge part in how Google ranks a site. And just so you know, it’s not all about links.


Getting a no follow link from the biggest resource in the world helps link building immensely. Yes, it can be tough to provide value, but it’s worth it – see this post for some tips on how to do so.

Big International Sites

Links on highly reputable sites like Huffington Post, Forbes, and other significant news publishers provide not only excellent links that pass plenty of juice but also trust. These sites have very picky editorial processes, which makes them highly trusted as records of the day.

University Links

Harvard or .edu domains don’t tend to link out to trash, so a link on one of these is a golden opportunity to rank well. Here’s how to get them.

Sites in Google News

Another positive factor comes from sites included in Google News. These sites have to go through a stern process to gain entry into Google News and are also seen as a record of the day and in turn are trusted.

Press Releases

Do you own a legit business? If so, it’s likely you’ll want to get the word out there with a Premium Press Release. Valid press releases are no follow links, however they do tend to show that your business is real. It’s also a great way of creating branded anchor text.

No Follow Blog Comments

What spammer would bother with a no follow blog comment? Few, they are no follow, right? However, they are integral as they provide a relevant niche link, build relationships with other sites, diversify the link profile and also provide referral traffic. Above all, they show Google your site is one to be trusted and is putting the hard yards in online.

Guest Posts

Brilliant still, guest posts provide lots of referral traffic and also some link juice. Guest posts still work as a form of link building and can provide plenty of positives for your site once you offer value on other quality sites.


We’re not talking about pay $10 get a link sites. We’re referring to sites like Yelp, Brownbook etc. If your business was big in the 80s, you were probably in the Yellow Pages, and if you’re a legit business now, you’re probably on Yelp. Make sure to add yourself to these directories – they provide brand links, trust and also will help if you’re a local business looking to rank well in the map pack.

These tips should give you a leg up and help you improve your trust in Google and rank better than ever before for the long term.

Cormac Reynolds is a rugby and sports loving marketer with a huge interest in the latest technologies and innovations. He has written for a number of great blogs in my time and hope you find my insight here interesting. Get in touch @Brightoncormac or via his site.

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