Boost Office Productivity with These Must-Have Peripherals

Creating a modern office involves much more than just choosing a high-performing computer. In fact, while a quality computer is essential, some of your biggest productivity and efficiency gains come from selecting the right peripherals: those pieces of hardware that give your computer additional functionality, such as keyboard and mouse, displays, docking stations, speakers, cameras, and printers.

To find out about the latest developments in peripherals for the small businesses, I recently spoke with Bert Park, the General Manager of Software and Peripherals at Dell. In the third episode of my Dell EMC World 2017 video series, Bert shared advice for small business owners as well as his selections for today’s must-have peripherals.

Advice: Find One Partner

One peripheral that no business can go without is the display or monitor. During my interview, I asked Bert about displays, and he advised small business owners to find one partner for all their display needs.

When we think of displays, we often think of the monitors used at desks or in cubicles, but business owners should also think about equipping their conference and meeting rooms with quality displays. With sizes ranging from 55 to 86 inch, touch-enabled screens, and the ability to connect cameras and speakers, you can create an interactive and collaborative experience that will boost the productivity of your next meeting. You can simplify your display-purchasing experience by selecting one partner that has solutions for all your display needs.

Must-Have Peripherals

Moving from displays, we then discussed other peripherals that can improve your office productivity. Bert’s top picks?

  • Wireless Connectivity: It is time to say goodbye to wires and plugs for your monitors and accessories! Wireless connectivity works better in our modern work environments, clearing up the clutter and making devices more portable.
  • Docking Stations: A docking station allows you to transform your laptop into a convenient desktop unit with ease. Accessories such as a monitor, keyboard, and mouse are plugged into the docking station itself, so just attach your laptop and get to work.

The Next Big Thing in Peripherals

There are must-haves, and then there are the peripherals we all just dream of owning. The one Bert is most excited about is the new Dell 8K monitor which was launched at CES earlier this year and was made available for purchase in March. This 32-inch screen features 33 million pixels and over one billion colors! It is perfect for professional graphic designers, and Bert is eager to see other products that may come out in the future based off of this cutting-edge technology.

Check out Bert’s full interview by clicking play above, and if you missed the first two episodes in this video series, head over to watch the interviews with Erik Day and Elizabeth Gore. I’ve got a lot more to tell you about in future videos too, so stay tuned!

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