Embracing Digital Transformation: Dell EMC World 2017

Earlier this May I took a trip to Las Vegas to attend Dell EMC World, a four-day conference jam packed with information about business, technological innovation and the digital transformation happening in small business.

I’m talking keynotes, breakouts, guru sessions, and hands-on labs on over 500 different topics, plus interactive demos and the opportunity to meet some of the brightest minds in IT.

In this case, what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas! I will be sharing a series of videos throughout the next few weeks so you can meet the experts and learn about the latest innovations in technology for small business.

My first interview was with Erik Day, the Vice President and General Manager of Small Business Sales in North America. He summarizes the mission behind our Dell EMC World video series perfectly:

“We know that a conference like this is kind of designed for our bigger customers…so what Ramon and I are trying to do is we’re trying to actually get some of this great content out to you guys because we want to remind you how important you are, and I know that you guys are working on the next big idea, and we want to be there for you every step of the way, so we’re going to bring everything we’ve learned here at Dell EMC World to you so that you can learn from us as well.”

Sounds great, right? So get the first episode of the video series by clicking play below.

Digital Transformation and Small Business

In the video, Erik talks about how “IT isn’t part of the business anymore, it’s becoming the business.” He discusses how small business owners are embracing technology, and how Dell is helping them on their journey, from buying their first PC to helping them grow to 100 employees. I won’t give away too many spoilers, but one topic I did want to touch on was the idea of transformation.

“Transformation” was a word we heard a lot through the conference, and I asked Erik what that means for small businesses. He explained it quite simply: the Internet of Things is going to completely change the way we think about work, and if you don’t ride the digital transformation wave, you could be left behind.

“A business owner that is going to invest pretty much their entire life savings into their idea isn’t going to want to just start from technology from 15 years ago.”

The small business owners he talks to today are looking to make sure their IT infrastructure (cloud, security, etc.) is set up before they even start talking to customers.

“It’s IT first; it’s digital transformation first.”

If you want to learn more about digital transformation, check out the video above and stay tuned for more videos in this series to come.

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