As Big Business Pivots, An Opportunity For Small Business

Big companies are quickly pivoting to the NEW WAY we are working. Of course this new way is quickly getting "old". For example, the Wall Street Journal reported how CIOs are looking into how to make remote work better for their employees. Emotional health, physical well being, security and beyond.

So for US smaller companies who might be experts in emotional health, home office decorations and etc, we have the OPPORTUNITY to adapt and sell in new ways.

We must go to where the hockey puck is going and NOT just follow it around, as the famous saying goes.

If you don't know how to sell, get sales training. My friend Adrian Miller's, PayMeWhatYouWant campaign is taking off. She's a master at sales training.

The WSJ article reads, "IT leaders are having more frequent, casual virtual meetings with their own teams and sending email surveys to gauge employee well-being across the company. They also are enabling the use of tools for workers to create mental-health-focused online portals and helping to ensure employees have an appropriate work-life balance."

So as we're all pivoting and adapting take note of the changes bigger companies are making and see how you can fit into their plans.

This is all port of the "Think Bigger" strategy we must all embrace.



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