How to Create a Better Professional Imprint with Help from Sylvie Di Giusto

Seven seconds. That’s all it takes to make a first impression, and it happens to you every day. In the time it takes to mutter just a few sentences, those around you have already made 12 snap judgments about everything from your education, success, and sophistication level to your trustworthiness, desirability, and competency. That’s why you have to make those seconds count, which is what Sylvie Di Giusto teaches in her business Executive Image Consulting.

Sylvie delighted the Smart Hustle audience at the 2016 Smart Hustle Conference with her presentation about image and first impression. You can get a quick glimpse by viewing our highlight video below.

If you were unable to make it to the conference, there is no need to worry. Smart Hustle has long been a fan of Sylvie’s work, which is conveyed in her book The Image of Leadership: How Leaders Package Themselves to Stand Out for the Right Reasons. Our coverage of Sylvie includes the following articles:

Use these articles along with Sylvie’s book to create a better professional imprint. Although you can’t change the fact that people will judge you in as little as seven seconds, your image is completely under your control.

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