7 Seconds To Create A First Impression: How You Look Is So Important (Book Review)

7 Seconds To Create A First Impression: How You Look Is So Important (Book Review)

Did you know that it takes about 7 seconds for people to form a first impression of you - based on how you look? Maybe you are a nice person, maybe you're even smart. But HOW you look (before you open your mouth) affects how people think of you and perceive you.

Image of Leadership"The Image of Leadership" by Sylvie Di Giusto emphasizes the importance of this principle in her book.

As a business leader, how you look is even more important. Sylvie writes, "Anyone who aspires to a position of leadership in any capacity needs to understand the power of image"

Sylvie shares the story of two professionals, vying for the same job. Both have similar resumes and experience. However, one got the job and one didn't. "The Image of Leadership" uses this example to crystallize the importance that how we carry ourselves (how we LOOK) is important to getting a job, keeping a job, getting funding and so many other elements of our professional lives.

Remember, as is written in Sylvie's book "Society's preoccupation with, and marketing of, physical attractiveness reinforces the assumption that being good-looking pays bigger benefits than it actually does. The undeniable truth is that being attractive can be a huge asset.

"The Image of Leadership" also addresses the challenge of those who might not be happy with their body type. For those who are over weight, under weight or whose bodies might not be how they like - Sylvie has a solution as well. It first starts with YOU being comfortable with yourself.

How you look is important and can affect your business and professional life. Do your best to look as best as you can for the benefit of your benefit and professional life.

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