Being Nice Is Not Always Easy But It's Very Powerful

Last week I was on a short 2 hour flight from Orlando to Newark.

I was sitting in the aisle in the exit row. Spacious and comfortable seating.

In the raw was a child, who was not allowed to be in the emergency exit row.

The flight attendants were having a tough time shifting people around, so I volunteered to move.

As I went to the seat they moved me to, there was a little girl, seating in the middle. I would have been at the window seat, with another gentleman on the aisle seat and this little girl, not related to either of us in the middle.

I looked around and saw the mother and offered her my seat.

Mom was a bit surprised.

She was seated in the middle and it seems no one wanted to switch with her, to take a middle seat. I switched.

Here's what happened.

I made flight attendants very happy.

The daughter was happy.

The mom was thrilled.

The dad was also happy.

Another passenger who took my aisle exit seat was happy.

I was happy to help make others happy.

What happened next?

United Airlines gave me 5,000 miles. They didn't have to and I didn't ask for it.

The lady who took my seat spilled soda on her  and I think the guy next to her.

All things do work together for good to those who love God....Romans 8:28

The OTHER moral of the story, is that being nice to someone is NOT always easy, it's not always convenient.

However, if all of us spend a bit more time being nice to each other the world will be a better place.

This works in business, in family and all areas of life. Be nice.

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