Become a Celebrity CEO: Build Your Community and a Strong Personal Brand

Hey Small Biz owner, do you want to GET MORE CUSTOMERS and GROW YOUR BUSINESS? Of course you do! Ramon Ray wants to show you how!

Deep Insights from Ramon include:

    • The secret to saying NO! Why saying it  more often will help your business grow.
    • How to get media attention & leverage it to build your brand.
    • The importance of your image and the power of perception and SO MUCH MORE!
    • Want clients to start chasing you? Spend less time prospecting and more time earning with Ramon’s tips.
    • Make fans not customers. Fans will share your brand and help your business GROW.



Hey, being a Celebrity CEO isn’t easy. It’s hard work. But, Ramon wants to help you get where you’re going faster with some fast tips for success:

Use the right tools to gain traction. Save yourself time and money.

Get out and meet your fans. Face to Face interactions are key!

Leverage video. Speak to your fans & share real facts about your day to day life.


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