How 5 Simple Solutions Can Help Optimize Your Email

How 5 Simple Solutions Can Help Optimize Your Email

If you’re like most people, you have a love-hate relationship with email. Over the years, it has become your pal, who you consult with daily and rely on to keep you up-to-date on business and personal matters. However, email can also sometimes seem like your enemy – a frustrating time-waster that seems determined to bring about your ultimate demise.

Love it or hate it, we all rely on email as the main form of business communication. And while there are drawbacks to email, there are also ways that you can optimize it in your business. These solutions from the Business Circle are all focused on tools that will help you get more out of email in your business.

Turning Your Email into a Marketing Tool

In the course of a year, you will send a ton of emails. Hundreds? Thousands? More? What if those emails could help you market your business, website, and social media channels?

In this solution from Carolyn Crummey, she details how you can create a digital signature to add to the bottom of your emails that will act as a marketing tool. The main software is called WiseStamp, and with this software, you can create a beautiful, custom signature block that includes details like your website, contact information and social media pages. Now every email you send to customers, clients and leads can help with your marketing efforts.

Tracking If People Open Your Emails

How often have you sent an email, only to wait impatiently wondering if it had even been opened? Did it get lost? Are you being ignored? Should you send a follow-up? Are people even opening your emails or are you just wasting your time?

This solution by Alice Bredin details how you can use the Sidekick by HubSpot software to track the emails you sent. This tool allows you to get real-time notifications of when your emails are opened, as well as where and how often the email was viewed.

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Saving Time through Automation

In the course of a year, many business owners would probably be surprised by how many duplicate emails they send – for example, standard responses to specific questions and inquiries you get asked frequently. Rewriting the email over and over wastes time that could be better spent elsewhere.

In this solution by Mario Armstrong, he details a simple way that you can save time through automation. The process involves using Canned Responses with your Gmail account so you can save your frequently written emails and call them back up when needed.

Get More Insight into Your Email Contacts

The most effective email communication is personal in nature. If you know a little more about your email contact, you can find a way to communicate that will resonate with that person and get the results you are looking for. This is simple when you’re dealing with well-known contacts – but what about people you don’t know so well, such as potential clients, leads, or business professionals you’d like to connect with?

In this solution by Alice Bredin, she details how you can use the Crystal app along with Google Chrome and Gmail to learn more about your contacts. The app scans the web for public information about the contact to give you a profile as well as advice on how to best communicate with them.

Achieving Inbox Zero

Inbox zero is the term for a completely empty Inbox. Like other mythical creatures such as dragons and unicorns, some people dismiss inbox zero but there are also believers who think it can be achieved.

In this solution by Rieva Lesonsky, she discusses a tool that can help you achieve inbox zero – or come as close as possible. The app is called Mailstrom and it works with various email platforms including Gmail, Outlook, and Apple mail. The app’s algorithms try to understand your emails in order to group them into bundles so you can process them quicker. While inbox zero is a lofty goal, it can certainly help you organize your inbox better.

While your relationship with email may always be rocky, these Business Circle solutions prove that there are tools out there to help you better use and optimize email in your business. If email isn’t your problem and instead you are battling a different beast, make sure to check out the website for more innovative solutions to common business problems.


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