B2B Business Discovery Is Made Simple with the Launch of @Koble 2.0

Koble, a business-to-business discovery platform, announced today the launch of Koble 2.0 for iPhone and Android. With Koble 2.0, finding the right small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to do business with as a fellow SMB or global corporation becomes as simple as a swipe of the thumb. More than 11 million business pages are now publicly visible in the U.S. for those using the Koble mobile app.

SEO-optimized Koble Pages allow businesses to gain unrivaled visibility online within a trusted community B2B companies. The publicly-visible business pages provide enterprise buyers with useful information on potential suppliers or vendors such as ratings and reviews, financials, and links to relevant contacts and information. Companies can easily browse through thousands of prospects while receiving alerts and real-time activity updates through the new Koble Chat feature.

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