Is Azlo The Bank for Small Business Owners and Freelancers?

For years I've banked at a traditional bank. It's been ok. However recently I tried out a new way of banking, completely online, via Azlo. The setup process is easy. You're asked to submit some information and a proof of identification. A few days later, you're informed about the acceptance of your application.

Azlo is backed by banking giant, BBVA USA, this made me feel secure that it was not a small startup with just 2 guys in a garage.

Azlo is designed for small business owners. From the ground it up helps you easily pay vendors and send invoices to clients.


What excites me about services like Azlo is that as we move into an increasingly frictionless economy where a mobile fan and human contact are less desired in some cases, it's services like Azlo that will win the day.

I tested Azlo's support, close to 6pm on a weekday. It was powered by a bot, automated chat, which robustly answered most all of my questions. Each time it did give me the option to leave a message with a human.

From checking into a hotel with an app, when you do that again, to airline travel and more, we're going to appreciate services that enable us to do as much as we can with minimal human contact. To be clear, I LOVE a human smile, hug or handshake. However, often times computers are faster and more efficient than humans. Also computers don't carry Covid or influenza or even a common cold.

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