From Art Studio to Live Video. She's Crushing It.

Hannah Perry woke up one evening to the site and sounds of her business on fire, literally. Several months later, she and millions of other businesses were hit with the challenging effects of Covid19. Fortunately, Hannah, the owner of Giggling Pig has turned these unfortunate happenings into a thriving new line of business with live video.

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Subscription Business

Where before she relied largely on children and adults coming into her Connecticut studio for art classes and fun, she's now relying 100% on live video to power her business. She's also selling art kits in a box to moms, dads, grand parents and more who buy them for their children.

Lemons into Lemonade

Ironically with so many children being schooled from home, during this Covid19 crisis, the demand for her art boxes is skyrocketing. But what's even more popular is Hannah and her team's live video classes, two times a day, 6 days a week, done from her custom built video studio.

Hannah was preparing to do video, on one way or another prior to the Corona virus global epidemic. Her subscription art box business was also already started. However, in the recent weeks both of these have grown faster than she could imagine.

The Giggling Pig has not put a dime into paid advertising, but has grown the video views all through people sharing her videos with others - around the world.

Hannah told me that she regularly gets fan mail from kids and parents about the art projects they're making and how her live video is making an impact in their lives.

What's her advice to you and me?

  • Make your own luck. Don't wait for opportunities to be created for you.
  • Keep trying. Don't give up so soon. You will fail at first.

In regard to live video, it's being consistent that is essential. This way your community can expect it!

Next up for Hannah. Turning the live video into a paid subscription channel - watch out Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video!

Often times as business owners we focus so much on the problems and challenges we have that we forget to look for the glimmers of positivity.

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