Living In A World Of Possibility. Benjamin Zander Shares Why You Should.

Alex Judd, host of EntreLeadership podcast, interviewed Benjamin Zander, founder and conductor of the renowned Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition to impacting world leaders and innovators, Zander has also released the musical potential of the best musicians in the world. In this interview, he shares how to overcome negativity and embrace possibility in every situation.

These concepts are from Benjamin Zander’s book, “The Art of Possibility”.

What is possibility?

According to Zander, possibility is a way of looking into the world and it never being at the expense of anyone. Possibility is an open-ended pathway for discovery and it’s always available for us. For every circumstance that one comes across, they have two choices: be positive or be negative.   

When we embrace possibility, it can drastically change your lives.  There is no situation that is so bad that you can’t find the positive. In contrast, no situation is so good in which no room left for negatives. Unless you have the discipline to always be positive then maintaining a negative lifestyle will be difficult. You’ll see yourself start to grow when you distance yourself from negativity.

Your attitude changes everything. Benjamin Zander gave an example to explain this concept. In a choir, there is a leader. That leader controls everything that happens. No one does anything on their own accord. The leader has the power to direct because of who they are. In our own lives, we have the possibility to rise to that position. The primary role of a leader is to awaken all forms of possibility within others. As a leader, you should encourage people to live with a positive mindset and to not be ruled by negativity. One of the tragedies is that our leaders are not being trained to live in positivity. 

Everyone has the power to create an environment in which their imagination creates relationships and circumstances that are impossible to believe. When we get older, we develop assumptions that become locked in place. We have thoughts that we can’t do it or that we’ll fail. Those thoughts travel with us for our whole lives. When we start to think positively and throw away all of our negative thoughts, we can see a positive future for ourselves. When you start to see possibility in others, then they will start to live up to what you expect of them. By thinking positively, you can enhance any part of your life.

Instead of going through depression and sadness, let's consider a more exciting world of possibilities!

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