Entrepreneurship and Depression: Resource for Entrepreneurs To Understand and Conquer It

This is a resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners to talk about, overcome and fight depression.

You'll find below four things

  1. Ramon Ray's original Facebook post about his own struggles with depression
  2. Tips to combat depression
  3. A slide, based on a presentation Ramon gave at SXSW with an overview of what depression is, why entrepreneurs struggle with it and more ideas how to conquer it
  4. The video of the presentation I gave at SXSW about "Entrepreneurs Depression"
  5. An interview on Entrepreneur.com with Carol Roth and Ramon about entrepreneurs and depression


Small business owners and entrepreneurs are known for their optimism. They are the dreamers of the world, who come up with new ideas and innovative solutions to problems. Not only that, but they are also the doers of the world. Despite the challenges that lay ahead, they set out on that long, winding path with hopes of making those dreams a reality.

But all of this dreaming and doing can take a toll on a person. While we try to move forward optimistically, we also torment ourselves by focusing on past mistakes, the things we haven’t achieved, and the comparison of where we are versus where we thought we’d be by now.

It is actually quite common for entrepreneurs and small business owners to have moments of sadness and depression. Slowly, more and more are coming out about depression, removing both stigma and stereotype.

Ramon's Original Facebook Post

In January, I came out about my own feelings of depression and anxiety in a Facebook video. I was amazed by the response that this “confessional” video got from friends and fellow Smart Hustlers. Check it out below and click on the "comments" icon to leave your comments and thoughts.

As you can see in the comments, I got a lot of support and offers for prayers. There were also many “thank you” comments from people who have felt (or are currently feeling) the same way. From these comments, I decided to pull out the common themes to create 10 supportive and inspiring thoughts for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are battling the blues.

10 Supportive Thoughts for Battling the Blues

1. Everyone feels depressed from time to time, so you are not alone.

2. It is good to acknowledge your feelings, and when you share these feelings with others, you will not only get support but help others to know that they are not alone too.

3. These feelings are temporary.

4. You can always find strength in spirituality, religion, and prayer.

5. Keep in mind that sadness can be seasonal too. January/winter blues is a real thing.

6. Entrepreneurship is full of highs and lows…and we need the lows to fully appreciate the highs.

7. Your character is defined by how you handle adversity, not success.

8. Times of adversity and disappointment are often stepping blocks to future success. They are often signs that something great is on the horizon.

9. You can choose your own mindset, so make a conscious choice to change your focus.

10. You can choose your direction too. Keep moving forward, step by step, by doing something every day, no matter how small, to get closer to your goals.

If You Need Help

I hope these thoughts support and inspire you when you are feeling down. If you are depressed for a long period of time or have thoughts of suicide, it might be a sign that it’s time to seek help. If so, you can learn about treatment options, find a therapist, and get online support HERE.

Slide from Ramon's SXSW Presentation

Entrepreneur.com Interview with Ramon




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