Accidental Entrepreneur. Fitness Instructor Launches Her First Business

Reluctant business owners are my favorite. They didn't wake up one day with a plan and take 6 months perfecting and planning things. Nope. Circumstances, often outside of their control caused them to decide to start a business.

Michelle Spurlock, founder of Upside Aerial Arts and Fitness is one such business owner, where she teaches the young and old to be circus acrobats - for fun.

A friend suggested she take up aerial silks - a form of aerobics and she loved it.

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In fact on the side Michelle was into yoga and was a pharmacy professor for many years.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as you read the rest of the story), her husband's job required him to move.

In Michelle's new city, the aerial training she loved was missing. What was she to do?

Like any business owner, she decided to create her own community and start training locals in aerial arts.

Michelle started using the space of a local yoga studio to train and working with private clients. The studio she was using closed, so Michelle decided that this might be a sign she should go full time into business and open her own studio!

I'm always curious, how does someone who has zero business experience learn the "art of business". Like many business owners before her, Michelle, credits the Internet.

Staying up what I imagine are many late nights and days, Michelle got answers to things like marketing, hiring, finances and more from the Internet.

One of her favorite tools is Wix's new Wix Fitness services which is built to help fitness studios manage their clients.

Instead of having to hire a receptionist Michelle and her team can schedule appointments and take payments with their phones. Clients can also logon and book and manage their own appointments.

Michelle's three tips for her fellow fitness business owners?

Go Niche

1. There's so many different types of fitness programs and categories, find your NICHE and specialize.


2. Leverage the power of your community. But it doing events at local schools are partnering with your local town, see how you can add value to organizations who might need your services.

Social Media

3. Social media is "free" advertising, so leverage it. Frequently post images and videos of what you're doing. Give tips for how to be healthy and have fun.

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