6 Experts Share Tips on SEO, Video Creation, Product Launches, Email Marketing and Online Courses

At Social Media Marketing World 2019 in San Diego, Ramon Ray interviews 6 experts from leading brands about marketing.

Ramon interviews experts from Emma (email marketing), Teachable (online courses), SwitchPod (hand held tripod), Vimeo (video hosting), SEM Rush (SEO optimization) and Promo (video creation).

Email marketing is SO powerful. Yep, social media marketing is great, but email marketing is BETTER. You can reach your customer right in their inbox - still their most checked form of communication for working professionals. Listen the four tips with how to make sales with email marketing.

Online courses are a great way to drive online sales and build your online brand. You don't have to fly anywhere or get in an Uber but you can get recurring revenue and still serve your customers and help them.

SwitchPod is a handheld tripod, co-founded by Pat Flyn. I interviewed Caleb, co-founder, about what it takes to create and launch a physical product from scratch. POWERFUL nuggets.

Vimeo is one of the leading video hosting platforms for creators. Here the ONE big tip from Sandy!

SEM Rush provides tools for marketers to enhance their SEO. Justin shares his one big tip for SEO success.

Promo is one of the leading tools for video creation. Sarah Evans, digital influencer shares her one big tip for creation creation success.

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