3 Keys to Adding Personalization to the Digital Customer Experience

Competitiveness is at an all-time high thanks to the availability of the internet and direct access to consumers with minimal marketing costs. That being said, it is more important than ever to have a smart strategy to land yourself in front of your ideal audience and to secure them as life-long customers and brand enthusiasts. In a recent article on Wells Fargo for Small Business, Smart Hustle publisher, Ramon Ray, shares 3 keys to adding personalization to the digital customer experience, a strategy that is sure to catapult you above the competition.

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If you are looking to add personalization as a strategy to your digital marketing efforts, start with these three key elements:

  1. Web Analytics and Metrics: collecting user information is the basis of a personalization strategy.
  2. Use Cookies to Personalize: cookies allow you to remember what people are looking for and to customize future messages to them that are more personal and targeted.
  3. Create Customer Profiles: by allowing customers to create profiles on your site or via your social networks, you can collect more personal information and take personalizing their experience a step further.

For more insight on these keys and additional strategies on personalizing your digital marketing, check out the full article HERE.



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