The ONE Word Entrepreneur CEO's Should Leave Behind in 2017


We all want ‘em. We all need ‘em. And we should all stop talking about ‘em. At least in the form of the word “coins.”

For anyone unfamiliar, “coins” is a phrase used to describe money, especially when it comes to the hustle:

  • “Oh, this webinar is going to help me with my coins.”
  • “I got to get these coins. Let me figure out this marketing.”
  • “This course gave me my whole life. I’m really about these coins now.”

When we speak as entrepreneurs and CEOs of our businesses, it is important we use language that denotes success and abundance. Talking about getting “coins” – no matter how many – gets our minds to a low money-making frequency. You think Oprah Winfrey or Shonda Rhimes or Ava Duvernay are talking about coins at anyone’s negotiation table?

I don’t.

People who make millions talk in terms of millions, not coins.  So here are three reasons you need to remove “coins” from your vocabulary (to move millions into your wallet).

1. It is Okay to Want More

One of my favorite money mantras comes from Patrice Washington, and in part it states she appreciates small amounts of money because the appreciation makes room for larger amounts to enter.  I value coins.  The goal is millions.  So why would I talk about what I already have (coins) when I want and work for more (millions)?  If we want more we are going to have to be comfortable with asking for more: more from ourselves, more from our mantras, more from our work, more from our working relationships and more from our words.

2. Words are Important

Your mind hears you.  “I am about these coins.”  “I am about these millions.”  Which goal do you want to be the focus of your mind’s work? Positive mantras improve performance.  “I am” statements tell your brain what you expect of yourself.  So saying “I am about these millions” is a much better way to grow your business mindset.  Millions in(to your mind) equals millions out.  We are all about being intentional with our daily planners, webinars, coaches, conferences, websites, and branding, and we want the result of all that to be coins?  Uh, no.

3. You are Worth More

If someone came up to you and said “Let’s get to the contract.  We are going to make these coins,” vs. “Let’s get to the contract. We are going to make these millions,” which would you entertain?  You deserve more from your thinking.  When building our businesses, we tend to think we have to start small.  WRONG.  You can plan on whatever field you decide.  Don’t start out seeking coins.  Your knowledge, skill, heck, your sheer willingness to “go for it” and start a business is worth more than coins. Believe that! Go out there with your million dollar mindset, your million dollar attitude, and your million dollar words and watch how much faster your business goals and coffers grow.

One of my favorite videos is about how to 10X your goals.  You can watch it here. Smart hustlers 10X your goals by 10X’ing your words.  Let’s leave coins in 2016 and get those millions in 2017!

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