Wix Code Brings Website Programming To Mainstreet Businesses - Wix Big Upgrade

I recently built YourSizzleVideo.com. To build the service I hired an amazing web development team and spent a few weeks building the front end (design) and backend (programming).  Using WixCode it looks like I could have done a lot of the work myself, or relied on a web developer but had it built faster and cheaper.

Today, Wix announced, Wix Code a platform, built on Wix, making it easier to build great looking websites that are database driven and able to be fully customized with minimal programming.

As reported on SmallBizTechnology.com, "Wix Code means more professionals can build more functionality into their websites, increasing customer engagement, increasing sales and providing better customer service and a rich user experience."

Many professionals can build their own websites, but when it comes to enabling a web application, such as a custom registration system, they often need a programmer to assist. WixC ode makes this process much easier.

For those who are technically adept, Wix provides a very easy drag and drop code builder, with minimal code writing, to create fully functioning web applications. For those who don't want to get their hands dirty their existing web developer can now create a powerful and feature rich, using Wix (and hosted by Wix).

Watch my interview with Nir Zohar about Wix Code and more.


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